The Problem

Abandoned oil wells pose a significant environmental challenge, contributing to CO2 emissions and impacting local communities. Traditional methods of steam generation for well injection exacerbate these issues, relying on fossil fuels and further polluting the air we breathe.

The Solution

Oasis GeoPower (OGP) LLC offers a transformative solution by repurposing these orphaned oil wells into a sustainable energy source. Through innovative geothermal energy utilization, we produce steam for well injection, optimizing oil extraction efficiency while drastically reducing CO2 emissions. Join us in shaping a cleaner, healthier future for all.

History Of Oasis GeoPower

In 2023, David McBay, the Chairman and Founder of American GeoPower (www.americangeopower.com), crossed paths with Faris Al Hajri on the LinkedIn platform. Their connection led to fruitful discussions, during which Faris suggested introducing David to his brother, Fuad Al Hajri, an esteemed directional drilling technologist based in Oman. Recognizing the potential for collaboration, David, Fuad, and Faris began holding weekly meetings, culminating in the conception of a joint venture between American GeoPower and stakeholders in Oman, the land of abundant natural resources. The primary objective of this venture was to leverage orphaned oil wells, repurposing them into geothermal wells to produce eco-friendly steam for advanced oil recovery processes.

n early 2024, David McBay embarked on a pivotal journey to Oman to formalize the establishment of Oasis GeoPower. With paperwork finalized, Oasis GeoPower emerged as a beacon of innovation, bridging expertise from different corners of the world to tackle environmental challenges while maximizing the potential of renewable energy sources. Since its inception, Oasis GeoPower has remained committed to pioneering sustainable solutions in the energy sector, driven by a vision of harnessing the Earth’s natural resources for a greener, more resilient¬†future.

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